Creme Of Nature Shampoo and Conditioner

I have been reading some great "best of beauty" reviews in In Style and Self, and so I will be out and about trying out new products in the next couple of weeks, and will be sharing my reviews with all of you soon. 

For now, I thought I would touch on a question I am always getting from my clients.  "How do I take care of and clean my makeup brushes".  Well, there are many brush cleaners out on the market from different makeup companies, but to be honest I think they are all way too overpriced and overrated. 

My personal preference has always been this little drugstore find that keeps my brushes amazingly soft!!  It's less than $4, and cleanses, moisturizes, and conditions just as well as it's expensive counterparts.  The product is Creme of Nature shampoo and conditioner, and can be found in your drugstores hair aisle.  Here is the procedure to properly clean your brushes:

  • Wet your brushes thoroughly,  and place a quarter size amount of product in your hands.   
  • Dip each brush individually in the product and saturate. 
  • Rinse out the product and place your brushes to dry on a soft cloth.

I usually do this at night, and by the morning my brushes are dry and ready to use!

*I must say that although this post is maily based on cleaning my brushes, Creme of Nature is fantastic for thicker/coarse hairtypes.  

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