Brides Survival Kit

Productsbridessentials_03 I am attending one of my closest friend's weddings today, and a gift that I popping in her bag, is from one of my favorite companies. 

The Ms. & Mrs.  Special Occasion Survival Kits are truly unique and have special kits for every occasion! Today I am giving my friend the Bridessentials Kit, which features over 25 things every bride must have on her wedding day, such as tissues, safety pins, super glue, and nail polish remover. 

I keep the Shemergency kit  in my car at all times, and I will tell you it has saved my katookus  on more than one occasion.  I can't tell you how many times I have grabbed for the static or stain remover, or the little hairspray.  These kits are so much fun, and are amazing little gifts for your girlfriends, or just for yourself.  So go grab one, and never have an emergency again!

Here are the details:

  • Includes:
  1. folding brush with mirror
  2. hairspray
  3. clear elastics
  4. earring backs
  5. lotion
  6. nail clippers
  7. emery board
  8. clear nail polish and polish remover
  9. shoe shine wipes
  10. stain remover
  11. static remover
  12. breath freshener
  13. lip balm
  14. floss
  15. pain reliever
  16. deodorant and sanitizing towelettes
  17. tampon
  18. bandages
  19. blotting tissues
  20. and single-use lipstick. 


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