Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes

Makeup meltdown in the summer is just miserable.  There is nothing less sexy than eyeliner dripping down your face (unless your a rock star, than go for it!).   So, during the massive heat of summer, I suggest switching to a waterproof  eyeliner.  My favorite for summertime is the Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes The Collection.
  These eyeliners have a little bit of shimmer in them, and the colors are soft enough for summer. Sephora has a great collection for summer which includes smaller sizes of the companies top five Aqua Eyes colors. This is a great way to try out the eyeliners, and experiment with the colors. I am positive these liners will get you through the summer, and that you'll be so hooked you'll continue to use them throughout the fall!

Makeup Artist Trick:  My favorite trick is to use the black liner under my upper lashes to enhance the look of the lash line.  The copper color is also amazing under the lower lash line to brighten up your eyes.

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