Clean & Clear Steam In Shower Facial

I have always been pretty good at taking care of my problem skin.  I do weekly masks, exfoliating treatments, and anything moisturizing that I can get my hands on.  Yet, when things get busy it seems my skincare routine is the first thing to fly out the window.  On some nights I am lucky if I remember to take off my makeup (I know, that's skincare no-no #1!).  So, that being said, I have been on the lookout for some great skincare time savers.  I am thrilled to report I have found a cheap and fabulous one!

One of my new favorite quick pampering products is an amazing face mask made for the shower.  That's right!  In the time it takes me to shave my legs, I have given myself a facial with Clean & Clear Steam Soft In Shower Facial.  It is left on the skin for one minute and the steam of the shower helps ingredients such as Glycolic Acid, clay, natural fruit acids, and exfoliating beads to detoxify the skin.  After a minute simply massage the mask around your face for some extra exfoliation. 
One minute to take care of my problem!  I no longer can complain about being too busy to take care of my skin. 

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