Dancing with the Star’s Melissa Rycroft

Last night my girlfriend and I were watching Dancing with the Stars  (yes, I am a big DWTS dork.  I absolutely and embarrassingly adore that show!).  Every season I write about the glitter and fabulously overdone makeup, but today I want to talk about another aspect of beauty.
 Last week everyone was buzzing about the big Bachelor finale.  Jason Mesnick, the classless bachelor, publically dumped his fiancee and rebounded with the runner up.  Normally, I wouldn't pay any attention to this drivalle, but this story takes a great turn.  Melissa Rycroft was the fiancee, and she is now the new contestant on Dancing with the Stars.  She came in at the last second to replace an injured Nancy O'Dell and had less than 48 hours to learn her routine with dancing partner Tony Dovolani

My goodness how she shined!!  It was so great to see a woman come back from a bad experience with such grace and dignity (nationally televisied break-up??  my lord, I would still be in bed eating bon bons!) .  You really can't keep a good woman down...or away from the dancefloor.  I am always talking about inner beauty, and how much it really plays apart in my job.  No amount of skin creams, or makeup can cover up what's going on inside you.  You have to believe in yourself, and find your own inner confidence. Melissa was a great example of that.  She made the best of a really crappy situation and had the crowd on it's feet cheering her on. 

We all have been hurt by silly men, and last nights show was a testiment to the fact that we all have the ability to move on.  Hold your head up high, and believe that things happen for a reason.  Turn your heartache into something triumphant.  Her dance inspired me to take my own hurt and go put it on the dancefloor.  Cha Cha Cha!

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