Tea Tree Oil Pads

31EMA7TH6VL._SL500_AA280_ After a particularly stressful week, my skin had exploded.  The irritating fact of life is that even in my thirties I still battle with stress (or man) related breakouts.  You would think my problems with acne (and men) would be long over by now...but nope! 
The main issue is that my skin is also very dry and extremely sensitive, which prohibits my use of the normal acne clearing products.  So, in my search for non-irritating, skin clearing, yet non-drying products I stumbled upon a wonderful find in my local
Trader Jo's health food store

  I always love looking around health food stores for new, natural skincare products.  There are always some amazing finds from brands such as Burt's Bee's, and
 Dr. Haushacka
  This week I was drawn to anything that claimed it could cure acne.  Luckily for me I found Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Pads.  They are such an incredible find.  They cost under $5, and cleared up my acne within one day.  One day people!! Simply rub the pad all over after you have washed your face.  I used mine once in the morning, and once at night.  They provide a light, cooling sensation to the skin, and I even noticed that it gave a nice firm feeling to my skin after application. 

So, even though I still have to deal with silly men, I will no longer have to deal with my breakouts. 

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