Dove’s “Through Her Eyes” Commercial

I often talk about how beauty is not just about makeup or products, but about finding your own joy and inner confidence.  Yet, I am the first to admit that this statement is sometimes easier said than done.  We all have our days when the hair gods, or skin bandits attack us and no amount of inner confidence can help our deflated ego.  That's why I adore this commercial by Dove.  It reminds me of what beauty really is, and puts the biggest smile on my face.  Of course, I will still be on the hunt to find the perfect products to help me through those "ugly, evil days".  But, after watching this video I will try to hold my head up high and shine like I did when I was a know, just like the days when we had no concept of  what "bad hair day" really meant.  
" I dislike this quote It's beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart.

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