GHD Hair Straightener

I have complained and whined in many a blog about the ongoing battle I have with my hair.  Although I adore being a natural redhead, I loathe the fact that I have the biggest head of hair this side of Texas!  It's big.  Pageant queen big.  And it takes an army of hair tools to get it to flatten, smooth, and be de-poofed!

So,  I am ready to shout out from the rooftops about my new hair straightener.  It has taken my two hour hair routine down to less than 45 min.  I used to use two different sized hair straighteners (I am serious, it was mission impossible!)  to get the same results that this fantastic little tool did for me. 

The magic wand is the GHD IV styler.  It has  ceramic heaters and aluminum plates, and can be used to curl your hair as well.  I followed the video tutorials and was able to give myself some soft loose waves, and also learned new techniques for straightening my hair in half the time.  The website is such an amazing resource, and the company really makes the effort to teach you how to make the most of your tool.  I have noticed such an difference in the smoothness of my hair, and a significance decrease in the time I have to spend heat styling my mane.    Thanks to the GHD, I am thrilled to report that I have won the battle of my big hair!


  1. You have gorgeous hair!!!!!

  2. you basically just described my hair dilemma! and i absolutely love GHD’s… I first discovered them while I was living in England, and seriously I will never go back to another straightner ever again! Thanks for blogging about it for others!

  3. Thanks for your post.I will be back.Thanks!

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