Maui Babe Beach Pack

Mb_trio_lg I am pale.  Freckle forming, Scottish heritage pale!  I rarely tan.  I have tried the spray tanning, only to come out looking like an oompa loompa.  I have succumbed to a life of pasty skin, even though I secretly long for a golden glow.  I want to be sun kissed!!   I want to have that "California beach babe" look!! 

Thanks to my sister (who is a bronzed beach babe, by the way) I found a new sun line that I love, and that might be the answer to my wishes.  The Maui Babe sun care line is straight from Hawaii, and contains Aloe and Kukui Nuts Oil.  It helps to naturally give you a brown suntan, and helps to prevent burning. My favorite is the Maui Babe Beach Pack, which contains their SPF 30, the Browning Lotion, and the After Sun lotion.  The great thing is that the Browning lotion leaves a gorgeous brown tint on the skin.  I have even used it at night on my legs to add soft color and a glow (if I am going to show off my legs in a dress, they better look good!).   Another benefit of these lotions is that they are super moisturizing to the skin.  I love slathering on the after sun lotion during the hotter weather.  And the smell!!  It smells like Hawaii, which smells like happiness to me.   
So, as summer is approaching I will be attempting my first bathing suit season with an actual (safe, and healthy with the SPF 30)  golden glow. 

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