Noxzema Hair Minimizing Shave Gel

300 Spring is here, and that means that my legs are going to have to come out of hiding.  I am horrified at the thought of having to trade in my beloved jeans for (gulp!) shorts and skirts.  But, it's hot and that means that I am going to have to keep up with shaving my legs.  Yep, the tedious task of leg grooming that all my girlfriends and I complain about.  Trust me, if I had the money or the pain tolerance for waxing, I would do it.  I have tried everything to make my battle with stubble easier, and more efficient.  I have tried men's razors, baby oil as shaving cream, and every shaving gel on the market to make my legs lovely and hair free.  Yuck!  It's all messy, and because I have a habit of nicking myself...painful.

Who would have known that my beloved 6th grade Noxzema would be the answer to my shaving woes?  Noxzema is no longer just a potent (and zesty smelling) face cream, it's a full skin care line that includes shaving gel. What an interesting and astounding product this is.  Noxzema Hair Minimizing Shave Gel helps to minimize hair growth with Capislow , prevent razor burn, plus moisturize the skin with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.  More time between shaving sounds too good to be true, but this stuff really does the trick!  I used it and my legs were smooth and silky for four days before the dreaded stubble started forming.  Four days people!!  And, the best part is that my hair has grown back softer and finer.  I am addicted to this gel, and I am sure that anyone who dreads the shaving routine will be grateful for this product.

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