The Best Brow Products!

Just like Kermit sang "it's not easy being green", sometimes it is not easy to be a redhead.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore being a fiery redhead, so much so that I pay ridiculous amounts of money to keep my naturally red hair from turning very unnaturally grey! (see my post about coconut oil)
 I am sure it would be much easier to fend off my silver roots if I embraced being a blonde...but I refuse!!   *sigh*

To top off my hair dying frustration, I have to make sure my light strawberry brows match my gloriously dyed auburn mane.  Not an easy task my friends.  Most companies tend to forget the redheads of the world, and we are forced to use an eyeshadow to try and match our hair color. Such a massive pain, especially for time strapped females like myself.

Thankfully, all my fellow redheads can rejoice!  I have found two great eyebrow products that are made especially for us.  Drum roll please!!  In no particular order:

  • The first award winner (in my own personal contest)  is Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil in Strawburn.  It is an amazing shade for redheads ranging from strawberry blonde, to light auburn.  It also contains aloe leaf extract, and soybean oil to which gives it a silky smooth application, and velvety texture.  The attached brush also helps to contain crazy eyebrows, and complete your look.  
  • The second award winner is Three Custom Color brow powder in #4. 
    This is actually a three in one product that I have been carrying around in my bag for the past week.  I use it as an eyeshadow, liner...and eye brow shadow!  This color is a perfect reddish brown that compliments all tones of auburn hair, and makes an incredible eyeshadow for blue/green eyed lovelies.  This powder is finely milled and can also be used wet or dry, which means you can go for a dramatic arch, or use it as a cake eyeliner.

To all my other lovely haired readers, these companies make fantastic colors that work with all hair colors.  So, check them out and find a color that would work for blonds, brunettes, or whatever color you pick!

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