Cargo Lash Activator

The big new thing to be obsessed about is your lashes.  I’m serious.  Lash growth products are everywhere, and most of them will cost you well over  $100. First we have the lip plumper’s and now we have the lash plumper’s.   Jeesh!

I had no idea that my lashes were inferior.  But, being the committed cosmetics junkie that I am, I decided to jump on the new lash trend.   The one thing I co
uld not get on board with was the super expensive price tag.   I mean really.  If I am that desperate to have full lashes, I will buy some fake ones, or put on a couple extra coats of mascara.

So, I hunted around for an inexpensive alternative, and I think I found a good one.  Cargo Cosmetics just released a new lash enhancer called Lash Activator, and I have been impressed by the results.  I have been trying this out for over a month now, and my lashes have become stronger (meaning less fall out), and appear to be thicker.  Cargo states that "The formula is made with Marine Algae extracts to increase the appearance of lash density, citrus-derived Flavonoids to promote optimal lash health, and a Peptide-biotin complex to slow the rate of lash loss".

Another benefit of this potion is that is has a deep black pigmentation, so it is a great alternative to mascara on your days off.  You can also use this as a primer under your regular mascara and it helps to give your lashes that extra oomph.  The Lash Activator is under $40, and I think well worth the price, especially since it doubles as mascara and you can wear it throughout the day.

 So,if you are in the mood for fluffy, healthy lashes, I would give this primer a try.

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