“When I Grow Up” Commercial

Every time I see this ad on television I light up.  I stop what I am doing, watch this amazing commercial and smile.  It reminds me that inner beauty never fades, and that joy can radiate through you no matter how old you are.  I just adore the women in this ad!  I can only hope to still be dancing and laughing with such vigor when I get older. 

Another great thing about this ad is the song.  I have been a fan of Michelle Shocked for awhile, and I think her song is just splendid.  She has the funkiest sound, and her rich voice vibrates through the television.  Take 30 seconds to enjoy!


  1. I have tivo and never watch commercials. I like this one. What makeup ideas do you have for those of us that are not old women yet….but are beginning to get up in the morning, look in the mirror and say “What happened? I didn’t have that wrinkle yesterday!”

  2. ha! I love that explanation! My only real advice is find an amazing retinol cream, and eye cream and use them nightly! A good moisturizer can cover up a multitude of sins :)

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