Mario Badescu Acne Repair Kit

Sometimes I like to pretend that a company made products just for me.  I dream that some brilliant chemist said to himself "Christina is having an awfully hard time with her skin, let's help her out!". 
I swear that Mario Badescu made all their products with me in mind.  I am the inspiration behind their stupendous, unbelievably perfect skin care line (a girl can wish right?).  Seriously, I am tempted to buy every single product they have.  I keep looking at their website and drooling over all the products that I want to try.  So many products, so little time!

After my glorious experience with the Vitamin E body moisturizer (obsessed, I tell you), I decided to venture out and try some face products.  First on my list was anything considered to be acne fighting.  Mario Badescu is famous for their Drying Lotion, and counts Liv Tyler, and Jennifer Aniston among its faithful followers. 

I decided to try out The Acne Repair Kit, and I have been doing the "I love these products" happy dance ever since.  The kit includes the Drying Lotion (for whitehead blasting brilliance), the Drying Cream (a deep healer with aloe), and the Buffering Lotion (destroyer of csytic acne!).  As a sufferer of cystic acne, my favorite product is the Buffering Lotion.  It is a sulfer based liquid that sinks right into the skin and soothes and attacks those wretched, painful bumps.

I also have been using, and falling in love with, the Cucumber Tonic Mask.  This magic wonder makes your skin look poreless.  My skin looked flawless, tight, and pore free.  If I could I would wear this every night!  It is made with cucumber to soothe the skin and pure clay to tighten up those stubborn pores.

One last thing.  Your man can also benefit from this line.  The packaging is clean, and simple and the fragrances are fresh.  Nothing girly, just great skincare that everyone can benefit from.


  1. I just bought the Cucumber Tonic Mask as well, and totally agree… my skin looks poreless! I also purchased the Almond & Honey Non-Abrazive Face Scrub, which I use before the mask and recommend it as well. I am looking forward to using some other products. I may switch over my entire skin care line to Mario Badescu!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I will have to try to Scrub for sure. :)

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