Sephora Favorites Collections

I go bonkers over deluxe samples.  Not only are they purse friendly, but they give me a chance to try out  new cosmetics and skincare products.  Have you ever waited in line at Sephora?  I go bananas for all the travel sized products they have alongside the checkout line (seriously, it is so evil of them to tease me with all those extra's!).

God Bless Sephora for finally giving every beauty addict a sample size collection of goodies.  They have created a limited edition collection of Sephora's Top Sellers, and Favorite Products.  There are ten different sets of deluxe samples that range from skincare, mascaras, eye makeup, pink lipcolors, bodycare, organic cosmetics and fragrance.   Every kit is priced under $40, with each giving you savings of $80 or more.  You really can't beat this opportunity to try out new brands, and experiment with a product.

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