Eve Pearl video tutorials

EvePearlDVD.larger Even as a professional makeup artist, I still love learning from other artists and watching their techniques.  We all have different talents, and you can always gain some new insight and tips by watching the professionals and learning from the first hand. 

One of my late night obsessions has been to watch the Eve Pearl YouTube Channel.  She has video tutorials ranging from quick tips, to full makeovers.  Her makeup application is flawless (and her products are phenomenal!)  and she has something for everybody.  Her videos are straightforward, funny, and very easy to follow.  Eve Pearl has tutorials for Latina skin, acne prone skin, dark circles, evening eyes and so much more.  I even got my mom hooked! I hope you enjoy learning from one of the top artists in my field....just don't let it keep you up all night like I do. 

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