John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shampoo and Conditioner

I wave my red head loving flag all the time.  I am not a trendsetter by any means, and I tend to dress very conservatively (well, I am conservative compared to all the girls walking around in skimpy sundresses...jeesh!).  Therefore, my red hair is my little symbol of individuality.  It's my bold little statement, and I adore it. 

During the summertime, my lovely relationship with my hair can become a bit strained.  You see, the sun zaps all the depth from my color and turns my luscious locks orange.  Brassy, bright, and pippi longstocking orange!  Ugh.   All I could do was whine and complain, until my hairdresser (who got sick of my whining and complaining)  turned me onto a little secret.....

She told me to use John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shampoo's and Conditioners during the summer months.  Even though I am a redhead, the brunette formula helps to keep my hair from turning brassy.  It subtly enhances the warm honey, and golden brown highlights in my hair while keeping the strawberry base mellow.  I seriously don't know why this little trick works, but it does! 

Here is how they explain it:

  • salon-inspired formula contains Enriching Technology with sweet almond oil and crushed pearls
  • Brings out natural highlights and multi-dimensional shine for ultra-rich, ultra-luminous brunette
  • Illuminates the full spectrum of brunette tones without adding or depositing color.
  • Safe for natural, color-treated or highlighted brunettes

My hairdresser uses the Sheer Blond product line, and says that it keeps her hair from turning yellow.  She has the most glorious platinum blond hair, so I would take her word for it. 

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