“Now You Know How…To Blow-Dry Your Hair” DVD

Header_top I have always adored having my hair blown out at a salon, but I have NEVER been able to replicate a blowout on my own. I can never get the angle of the blow drier right, I get my hair tangled in the round bristle brush, and end up getting a massive arm cramp!  Too. Much. Trouble.

So, you can imagine my elation when I discovered "Now You Know How...To Blow-Dry Your Hair" DVD.  Celebrity hair stylist Kimberly Clo is Nashville based stylist who services celebrity clientele such as country music star Sara Evans.  She is known for her sleek blow outs, that create super smooth results without the use of a flatiron.  This amazing "how to" DVD is a must-have for any hair maven to combat summer frizz and achieve a salon worthy blowout at home.
An example of Kimberly's style tips includes:
"take each hair section and blow dry it all the way until it shines, not just to the point where it feels dry, this means you got to go a few strokes past when you think you're done.  Then go back over the hair section once more for good measure and enjoy!"

This 65-minute "how to" DVD covers everything from the best tools to blow dry techniques to styling tips for achieving two coveted classic looks - sleek straight and straight with just a hint of bouncy movement.  Kimberly demonstrates these tried and true techniques first on models and then on her own hair to show how easy it is to style yourself.  The DVD also includes a  "cheat sheet" -- a laminated card that suction-cups to your mirror.  This is such an amazing tool that helps give you the extra help when you're attempting your own blow-dry. I also love that the DVD is subdivided into chapters, so you can easily jump ahead or jump back to your desired section.  Now I can attempt a perfect blow out....without the arm cramps.


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