Jergens Natural Glow Express Moisturizer

032208-jergens-natural-glow-express Now that I am attempting to walk the daunting road to recovery, I am trying to pull up my bootstraps and get to work on being a healthier and stronger version of my past self.  I believe that all our obstacles happen for a reason, and that we can emerge the wiser person for it (so cheesy, but true!).   So, in an effort to boost my spirits I decided to try and give myself a healthy dose of color.  Nothing says “not feeling well”  like pasty skin, and since I have been out of commission for three weeks, I have not seen the sun and resemble Casper the friendly ghost. 

Yet, I have always had a rocky relationship with self-tanner.  Sometimes I find a brand that I adore, and become an avid user…until I get lazy and fall off the self-tanner bandwagon.  Usually, I embrace my paleness, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  Must. Get. Color.  

I wanted something that was fast, moisturizing, and subtle.   Presto!  Jergens Natural Glow Express to the rescue.  This is the speed demon version of the famous original Natural Glow Moisturizer.  The great thing about the newest version is that you get color within a day.  You can also build the depth of color over 3 days, or simply use the Express moisturizer as a tan booster.   Personally, I found that this works best as a start to your normal self tanning regimen.  The color is very subtle, not at all orangey, and gives you instant payoff.  Make sure to blend thoroughly, and pay attention to any dry areas such as elbows, feet, and hands.  You can follow up and maintain your glow with the original Natural Glow Moisturizer, which is much more subtle and takes a week to build color.   This is a goofproof system, and is a great way to achieve a healthy glow…..which is just what the doctor ordered.

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