Youngblood Hi-DEF Hydrating Mineral Perfect Powder

Youngblood Have you ever wondered how celebrities get the look of flawless perfection....

Today I shot an on-air makeup segment for the new E! Entertainment morning show "That Morning Show", which will air 6am-9am Monday thru Friday.  During the segment I spoke about the new format of High Definition makeup that is a celebrity favorite!

For the past few years makeup artists have been using high definition makeup to combat the harshness and resolution of high definition cameras (a high def camera magnifies it's subjects up to 6x. Yikes!).   These new formulations are magnificent for everyday wear.  They are made to give a soft focus finish, diffuse fine lines, be light reflecting, and impart a completely natural finish.  Simply put, they make you glow. 

A great high definition product that you can incorporate into your normal routine is Youngblood HI-DEF Hydrating Mineral Perfect Powder.  This translucent finishing powder is light as air.

The website describes it perfectly:

  • This multi-tasking product hydrates and refreshes skin, locking in moisture while absorbing oil and mattifying shine.
  •  It’s a high-performance, sheer powder that expertly diffuses imperfections for a flawless finish.
  • If you’re excessively oily or live in a high-humidity area, you will love how it keeps your makeup fresh and matte for hours.
  • If you have ruddy skin, this powder is perfect for you; it’s infused with licorice root extract, which calms and conceals redness.

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