Carol’s Daughter “Dream Big” Hair Detangler

Disney-Hair-Detangler-024-148x300 Ever since I was little I have loved de-tangling sprays.  I cherished the smell, and the way it made my hair feel like silk.  As I "grew up"  I switched to leave-in conditioning sprays, and every other moisturizing spray I could get my hands on.  Big girl hair needs big girl products, right?

Last week I was brought back to my youth when I was able to try the new hair de-tangler by Carol's Daughter"Dream Big"  Hair Detangler is a limited edition hair conditioning treatment created for the release of the upcoming Disney movie "The Princess and the Frog".  Could it get any more marvelously girly? There is a cartoon princess on the cover for goodness sake!

However, don't let the youthful packaging fool you.  This de-tangler trumps all of my big girl sprays.  For the past week, I have been faithfully using this de-tangling and conditioning spray and have been unbelievably impressed with the results.  My hair has been smoother, and softer than it has been in months.  And yes, when I comb it out after the shower, there are no tangles (which still brings me back to my youth, I just love that "no tangle" feeling!).  Here are the details:


    * Instantly de-tangles without breaking or damaging little tresses
    * Antioxidant-rich Cranberry Fruit Extract comforts and calms scalp
    * Super shine booster Lemon Peel Extract envelops hair in softness
    * Pediatrician-tested
    * Paraben-free

What it does:

    * Easily detangles hair, releasing knots and tangles while protecting hair against breakage
    * Soothes tender scalps
    * Provides extra conditioning and shine
    * Leaves hair more manageable for easy combing and styling

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