MySkin A few weeks ago I was asked to try out a new website called  I was a tad skeptical, as most "advice sites" tend to pressure you into trying out their products, are hard to navigate, or have basic skincare recommendations that are not tailored to your personal needs.  Skincare is such a personal issue, and usually involves alot of trial and error when trying to find the perfect products.  Dermatologists can help, but they can be costly. 

I was pleasantly surprised.  This site takes "personal recommendations" to a whole new level.  It works with your skincare issues, is extremely easy to navigate, and bases your recommendations on the products you actually use.  It has a great online community, and some groovy interactive features (yes, I am bringing groovy back!).  I was so impressed with their service, that I signed onto be apart of their online blogger community.  So, if you'd like to join me, you can enter the invitation code "TheMakeupBlogger" to access an exclusive invite only online community! 

Here are the official details:

" helps men and women across all age groups, ethnicities and skin concerns find the right skincare product from almost all brands. The sites 'skin' recommendation online tool is fun, glamorous and worthy, as it gives unbiased, scientific-led skincare product recommendations."

This site is a scientific, unbiased source that will give you advice on what skin care products would work best for you; backed by real people’s experiences. Here is the breakdown of the site and how it works

  • Get FREE recommendations for what would work for your skin from over 150,000 skincare products across all brands and all retailers.
  • The recommendation engine, called Just Like Me (JLM)™, is powered by patent pending technology developed by leading dermatologists, plastic surgeons and cosmetic pharmacologists.
  • Start by telling them characteristics that define your skin: genetics, lifestyle, diet, skin concerns (like acne, eczema, anti aging). These help them pick out the perfect skin care regimen and products for you.
  • Tell them about products you use and how they make your skin feel.
  • Your skin profile is mapped to how your skin experiences products and various ingredients enabling them to make personalized recommendations just for you. 
  • They scientifically examine your skin profile, and products you have used and their ingredients. Then their technology helps you identify products, across routine steps, that actually work for people with skin just like yours to give you an honest, unbiased recommendation.
  • Enter your skin concern in the search box to get product recommendations specifically for your skin profile. Almost like a personal clinical test designed just for you!


  1. What a great site! Thanks for posting this!!! It was fun to read the results! I have sensitive skin so I am always looking for help. lol!

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