Ann Milie Urban Adventure Bags

133R Makeup should be fun, therefore I love to keep my makeup in fun and pretty makeup bags.  For some reason, keeping my makeup in quirky, bright bags makes me feel a bit more put together.  Right now my favorite bags are Ann Millie Cosmetic Bags.  They are reasonably prices, and have fun designs that make stashing your makeup away a fashionable experience.  

Here are the details: 

  • The sturdy Ann Millie Urban Adventure Bags pays for itself in environmental terms once used five times.
  • They are 10-17 times thicker than a typical single-use plastic bag and can be reused hundreds of times.
  • It is waterproof and it can be washed if needed to.
  • Woven from High Density Polyethylene Fibers (HDPE).
  • It is 100% recyclable.
  • The material is very strong; it is difficult to tear but can easily be cut with scissors or any other sharp object.
  •  Water vapor can pass through, but not liquid.
  • It comes as a by-product of oil refining, which we cannot avoid consuming as energy anyway.
  • It is the same material that is used to make those red-blue-white bags that are used in many countries with scarce resources, such as parts of Asia, Africa and South America.
  • A typical single-use plastic bag can create various environmental issues in the long run.
  • The idea to introduce these bags is to encourage people to carry a pretty re-usable bag when they go shopping or just running errands.

Makeup Artist Tip:  Create a few different “makeup kits”.  Keep a cosmetic bag for evening looks, travel, and quick daytime looks.   For evening I keep a bag full of dark eyeshadows, liquid liner, and rich lipcolor.  For travel I pack a bag full of trial sized bottles, a palette of day to night eyeshadows (neutrals and bronze tones work best) and a palette of lipcolors.  For a simple 5 minute day kit, I stock a bag with foundation powder, bronzer, pink blush, mascara, and a soft pink lipgloss.

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