Bad Weather Survival Kit with Pantene and Eucerin

200 Sometimes it takes a big blizzard to make you realize your not as with it as you thought.  These past 10 days in New York have been magnificent (seriously, I adore it here), but the weather has been abysmal.  Mind you, I will take bad weather any day if it means I get to walk along the streets of NY.  That being said, I was completely unprepared for the toll that the cold, windy, weather would take on my hair and skin.  Completely unprepared!   My east coast friends, I applaud you.  How in the world do you stay looking so fabulous when the wind strips away any modicum of moisture you have? 

The weather turned my hair into a spit end, brittle disaster, and left my skin irritated and itchy.  I needed to find some great products on a budget that would give me instantaneous results, and restore my dehydrated body and hair.  Here was what I grabbed up at the drugstore:

Pantene Pro-V Deep Fortifying Rinse Off Treatment:  This rescued my ends.  Pantene is priceless for it’s immediate conditioning, and reasonable price tag.  I would have paid double for this.  I would wet my hair and slather this on my hair, pile it up on top of my head under a shower cap (you can buy them in packs of 3 for under $5), and leave it in while I was working on the computer.  You can leave it on for three minutes, or longer.   Here is a quick rundown:

·         Undo 3 months of damage.  (Restores smoothness to damaged hair.) Intensive conditioning in just 3 minutes.

·         Penetrates deep to store manageability in just 3 minutes without weighing hair down. 

·         Pro-Vitamin formula infuses hair with moisture from root to tip. 

Eucerin Anti-Itch Deep Hydrating Cream:  Sooooo soothing.  I think I actually mimicked one of those commercials where the woman “oohs and ahhs” while she is applying her body cream.  I cannot tell you how grateful I was for this body cream.  My normal moisturizer was not cutting it, and this saved the day.  It not only hydrated my skin, but it stopped the itching and hives (gross, I know) that the weather had inflicted on me.  Seriously, if I could write Eucerin a thank you letter I would. 

  • Cooling Menthol in a Natural Oatmeal Formula
  • External Analgesic Lotion
  • Non-Irritating
  • Fragrance Free
  • Dermatologist Recommended
  • Dry Skin Therapy

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