CND Nail Designs at the Phillip Lim New York Fashion Week Show

3.1-phillip-lim-main-image When I think about Fashion Week and the runway, I don’t automatically think of manicures and pedicures.  How wrong I was.  Behind the scenes at Phillip Lim, I was introduced to CND Nail Designs, who created the nail looks for the show.  Actually, CND Nail Design was all over Fashion Week.  This company created funky, creative new looks for over 12 shows.

For the Phillip Lim show the nails actually helped to complete the inspiration and look of an Uptown Debbie Harry.  Lead nail artist Angi Wingle created an exaggerated French manicure and pedicure by using the color Creamy Cameo and painted the tips with Gold chrome .  I was shocked and very impressed with how wearable and elegant this look was.  I couldn’t believe that anything inspired by disco could look so pretty. 

Angi also gave me a two great tips for a do-it yourself French manicure:

  • Instead of trying to create a straight line on the tip of the nail, create a curved V on the tip
  • If you are nervous about painting a line, try tapping the end of the nail lightly with the color

After the show I decided to check out the CND nail line, and let me tell you, it is inventive and a great new take on a nail polish line.  The line features 50 base colors with a cream finish, but the point of difference is the 15 special effects polishes that are made to enhance the line.  The 15 special effects include a matte, glitter, iridescences, and shine.  These 15 colors make it possible to create your own unique colors, textures and looks.  I love that it makes you your own artist, and puts the creativity in your hands.  It also is a great way to get a ton of different looks from one polish.  

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