OCC Makeup for Indashio New York Fashion Week

20644_313653668113_678438113_3334313_4824774_n Crazy, funky, vibrant, and eccentric are all words that I could use to describe the fashion show for Indashio.  It was the perfect show to attend as my last show of New York Fashion Week.  Once again, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics was the hip brand behind the makeup look.  OCC cosmetics  and James Vincent created a Liptar and nail polish in honor of the show.  “Indashio FW 2010” won’t be released until Fall, and I will be one of the first people to purchase it because it was just stunning.  

  • The Liptar was a deep, rich cream purply, plumy brown that worked on every model and skintone.  
  • The thing I liked most about this new color was the variation of looks you can create with it. 
    • A thick application gives a shiny, deep, dark color that reminded me of a punk rock version of the classic burgundy lip.
    • A thin layer creates a rich plum stain, that can be topped with the clear Liptar.  This creates the look of a bitten lip. 
    • Blend a soft shimmery rose in the middle of the lip for a softer  plumy version

Key makeup artist Orlando Santiago complimented this deep lip look with an elegant, sexy face.  OCC founder David Klasfeld let me in on the products used to create the rest of the look:

  • OCC skin was airbrushed onto the skin to achieve the look of flawless skin
  • Loose Pigment Colours were used on the eye to create a natural, soft golden glow
    • Brass Tax on lid, and blended into the crease
    • Platonic
  • OCC skin blush in Rush
  • Highlighter in Bronzed blended onto the cheekbones and browbones

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