Revlon Fire and Ice Lipstick

Day-night-fashion-0509-10-lg-98523158 Beauty editors are buzzing about the new trend for a bold red lip.  Red lips are tricky, and finding the perfect red can be confusing and frustrating.  So, why not stick with a classic?  Revlon’s Fire and Ice lipstick is iconic, and  for good reason.  This is the perfect blue red, and works well on every complexion 

This lipstick has been used by such legendary artists as Kevyn Aucoin, and J. Roy Helland, who used the color on Meryl Streep for her role in Sophies Choice. 

I also love the fact that the price is reasonable, so it is a great color to start with if you are gun shy with red lips. You can't get any more classic than this shade, which has been around since the 1950's.

Makeup Artist Tips:  You can either soften or intensify the look by using lipliner.  For a softer look, apply a skin-toned lipliner such as Smashbox The Nude Lip Pencil.  To intensify the look, apply a deep maroon such as MAC Maroon lipliner. 


  • One of the world's first supermodels, Dorian Leigh,  appeared in the legendary "Fire and Ice" ad shot by Richard Avedon.
  • The advertisement became Madison Avenue legend because of the full-page quiz next to the sensual ad. The ad asked, "Are You Made For 'Fire and Ice.'"

Revlon_fireandice2 "What is the American girl made of? Sugar and spice and everything nice? Not since the days of the Gibson Girl! There's a new American beauty. . . she's tease and temptress, siren and gamin, dynamic and demure. Men find her slightly, delightfully baffling. Sometimes a little maddening. Yet they admit she's easily the most exciting woman in all the world! She's the 1952 American beauty, with a foolproof formula for melting the male! She's the 'Fire and Ice' girl. (Are you?)

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