Youngblood makeup for New York Fashion Week

For the past week I have been running around New York like a kid in a candy store (complete with a crazed sugar rush like giddiness).  I have been working behind the scenes for New York Fashion Week  as a makeup artist, and a blogger.  Not only am I overwhelmed by the glamor, and buzz of the shows, but I am extremely impressed with the artists I have been lucky enough to work alongside with. 

15-375x500 My first two shows used Youngblood cosmetics (which is one of my all time favorites lines)  to create the looks:  Lead artist and educator Valerie Hernandez was the makeup artist for both shows, and her makeup artistry  was wonderful to watch.

Felicia Walker Benson was the makeup lead for Vessel and created the first stunning look, which consisted of smokey eyes, shadowed with elegant plums, grays, deep purples.  The skin was rich and flawless, with a soft contour on the cheeks and the lips were stained with a deep berry.  The colors used for the show were:

  • Primer, Liquid Foundation, and High Definition Powder set with Loose Foundation
  • heather smoke, halo, alabaster, storm eyeshadows
  • Splendor on the cheeks
  • Bistro on the lips (blot to create a stain)

The next show, Magalis Garcia was lead and keyed by the lovely Valerie Hernandez who created a look of muted, warm mulberry eyeshadows, and a soft raspberry lip that she personally mixed and created herself (she is the mix master!  by combining two lipsticks and shimmer pigment, she made a stunning new lipstick just for the show!)  The skin was sheer, with a gold liquid shimmer on the cheekbones (another Valerie creation that consisted of baby oil, and Dusk shimmer).  The products used were

  • Primer, Loose Powder Foundation, and Rice Mineral Set
  • Dusk Shimmer
  • halo, coco, and the vintage eyeshadow quad

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