Living Proof No Frizz Restyling Spray

Timthumb.php Let’s be honest, dying your hair blonde does some major damage to the ends.  Well, maybe not to you, but my ends are toasted.  The blonde is still worth it (yes, they do have more fun!), but now I have to be mindful of how fragile my hair is.  Actually, this just gives me an excuse to try out more products, which I have no problem doing! 

Since I flat iron my hair, I try to keep my style fresh for a few days to prevent burning it to death.   Scorched hair = Not pretty. Washing and styling your hair everyday can cause more damage, so the longer I can keep my style, the better.  So, when I got the chance to try out the new Living Proof No Frizz Restyling Spray, I was thrilled.  The best part is that it works, and is ridiculously easy.  I use this spray to re-hydrate my hair, give it a fresh shower scent, and add a clean gloss-like finish.  It is a staple in my travel kit now. It also helps to create a those funky, summer waves that are so popular right now. Just use the product on lightly damp hair and blowdry while scrunching your hair.  Presto! Beach babe fabulousness without having to restyle. 

Living Proof No Frizz is famous for its unique formulations, and boasts a team of scientists, including Dr. Bob Langer, an institute professor at MIT.  The product itself boasts:

  • A quick-drying, non-oil, non-silicone based formula
  • Provides just the right level of moisture/conditioning making hair soft, shiny, and manageable
  • Does not weigh down the hair
  • Special anti-frizz technology blocks the damaging effects of humidity, while controlling frizz
  • Helps detangle, and control static
  • Offers a light flexible hold that allows you to restyle and rework hair.
  • Provides a light citrus fragrance

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