L’Oreal Feria Professional Conditioner

Loreal-feria One of the reasons I like at home coloring kits is because of the rockin’ deep conditioners that come inside the packet. 

I have even bought packets of hair dye that were on sale just to stock up on the conditioner!  Well, I no longer have to scour the sale isle because L'Oreal Feria now sells the Professional Conditioner in a 6 oz size.  How very thoughtful of them. 

Just like the original formula, this conditioner is made specifically for color treated hair, and helps to add phenomenal gloss and sheen to your hair.  Use this conditioner once a week for five minutes, and poof..pretty, shiny, soft hair. 

Here are the details:

  • Rich, creamy formula detangles and moisturizes hair
  • Brightens and maintains beautiful color shine and intensity after each shampoo
  • Hair is left smooth and silky, shimmering with intense highlights
  • Ideal for use immediately after haircoloring or as needed in between color application

*You can also grab a bottle at the drugstore from Nice and Easy.  They also sell the deep conditioner separately from the hair color kit.  Maybe I wasn’t the only one hoarding color kits for the conditioner.


  1. As I understand it this Feria Professional Color Conditioner is being discontinued =(… I’ve been using it for years!
    Do you know where I can score a few before they,re all gone???!!!
    Thanks for your time, Ali

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