L’Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional HIP

151187 Every week I put a few hours aside and flip through the beauty magazines to find inspiration, and research the new looks in makeup.  I always end up getting overly excited, shouting things like “I must try that green eyeshadow!”.  This could be a horrendously expensive habit if I ran out and bought every new eyeshadow trend.  I would become the Imelda Marcos of makeup!  

So, in order to avoid such irrational spending, I count on L’Oreal HIP eyeshadows.  They are richly pigmented, have an amazing color range, and are always right on with the latest trends.  It’s a drugstore purchase that feels like a luxury product.  I know many makeup artists that use this line  in their kit, and claim that the shadows are one of their favorite bargain purchases (editors feel the same way too!). 

Some of my favorites are: 

Makeup Artist Tip:  Use this line to try out funky colors that you have always secretly wanted to try out.  Try a light green (such as the Riotous duo) as a compliment to your normal browns, or a deep navy blue (such as the Showy duo) instead of your grey shadow. If those are too scary, Brazen, Adventurous, and Flare are great "baby steps" into the world of statement shadows!!

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