Makeup Artist Tips from The Makeup Show LA

 Last weekend I was lucky enough to be apart of The Makeup Show LA, both as a presenter, and as a beauty editor for On Makeup Magazine.  My work with The Powder Group has introduced me to some of my closest friends, and connected me with makeup artists that are inspirational, generous, and ever so talented.  I am one lucky gal, who is now very exhausted from such a long (but well worth it) week of makeup and education. 

I have oodles of new products to review, but would first like to share with you some of the best makeup tips I heard during the show. The artists below are the top in the industry, and their advice is simple, and straightforward. Enjoy!

Jenai Chin: "when begging an airbrush application, always start with a soft spray of air onto the skin with your compressor"

Myles O'Reilly:  "use a spoon to curl lashes, and a small fan brush for perfect mascara application."

James Vincent:  "as an artist, understanding color theory will help you understand the proper color correction"

Jon Hennessey:  "developing a trust and close relationship with your photographer will help to create a seamless shoot"

David Klasfeld: "A PSI level of 10-12 is perfect for face,  while 12-18 is great for body work. Always use a dual action  airbrush."

Maurice Stein: "having a metal artists palette is essential for an artist to have in their kit."

Orlando Santiago:  "start off your face with a moisturizing mist, such as Youngblood Recharge and  the go to color for blush and lips is Makeup Forever HD blush in #6. leaves the perfect stain "

Mary Erickson: "always work your foundation down the neck, even to the collarbone for a seamless look. Matching the neck/body"

Orlando Santiago: "use slanted tweezers to apply eyelashes, and to press your lashes and the false strip together. Always be patient"

Val Hernandez: "always start with a light application, then slowly build the product for a fuller coverage.  Layering is key. A great primer is the first step to flawless looking foundation, and minerals create the perfect glow" (she uses Youngblood cosmetics)

Koren Zander: "to make a colored mascara, mix liquid seal with any color mineral pigment" (he used Naked Cosmetics!).

Kathy Aragon: "Face Atelier Ultra Sheer #2 is a great subtle highlighter for red carpet beauty"

Jon Hennessey: "use a soft peach highlight to pop the cheekbones and outer corners of the eye." (he used INGLOT)

Eve Pearl: "Learn to work on real women and bring out their individual beauty. be a consistently good artist. To be a good artist , you need to speak to your clients with respect and treat them as your friend."

*The Makeup Show is coming to New York May 16-17th.  Please join me and my fellow artists there!


  1. Wow, great blog Christina!! I love these tips. Nothing like being there but since I couldn’t be at 4 places at once, this is a good highlight from the show. :-)

  2. Thank you ladies! Hopefully you can join us at the next show. :)

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