Orlane Lightbox Absolute Radiance

Eye4  I am constantly traveling, therefore my skin is in need of constant supervision.  Whenever I travel, I pack anything that claims to refresh, revitalize, and create a renewed radiance to my skin.  Because, when I am on the road my skin reflects my exhaustion, and becomes ridiculously dry.  I often need a miracle.

That is why I couldn't be more excited about Orlane Lightbox Absolute Radiance.  I cannot speak highly enough of this revolutionary product.  Really, it is a lifesaver.   I now rely on this kit to bring my skin back to life after a long work week, or a cross country flight.  Also, this kit is amazing to have on hand in your kit for skin emergencies or when you need to client to be red carpet ready. Perfection.

The kit claims to create "The Cinderella Effect"  in 7 min.  I highly doubt this kit will help me find my prince charming, but I can confidently say it helps me look less like an evil stepsister!

The Lightbox includes 6 applications that are pre-measured for maximum effect and ultimate freshness.  Each application equals about $30, which is much less than a facial and the results are quick and luxurious.  The three powerhouse products are:

  • Dazzling Eyes Ritual: Refreshes and brightens the eyes, erasing dark circles like magic.
  • Glowing Skin Masque: Rehydrates and illuminates the complexion leaving your skin soft and bursting with radiance.
  • Evanescent Cream Glow: Erases fine lines and plumps up wrinkles, instantly embellishing your skin to perfection.

The Details:

1. Dazzling Eye Ritual: Smoothes the epidermis, soothes, refreshes and brightens the eyes.

  • EYE CONTOUR SERUM: Energizing Complex:  cell regenerator, tones and hydrates*  Phyto-therapeutic Complex: soothes the skin, depletes and removes toxins.
  • EYE CONTOUR PATCHES: Vegetal Extracts (marigold, hollyhock, witch hazel, linden and camomile)

2. Shimmering Skin Masque

  • Illuminates the complexion, renews and rehydrates.
  • Vegetal Active Ingredient: brings the skin’s vitality to the surface: it has a direct effect on creatine, liberating intense and immediate energy.
  • Apricot Kernel Oil: hydrates, softens.

3. Evanecent Cream

  • Erases fine lines and wrinkles, instantly embellishes.
  • Flash 3D instantly plumps up wrinkles just like magic.
  • It draws oxygen deep down into the epidermis, reviving all its sparkle, and relaxes the features.
  • Vegetal Active Ingredient: brings the skin’s vitality to the surface.
  • Lupine Extract: immediately brightens up the complexion, smoothes out the skin’s surface and improves cellular renewal.
  • Photogenic Pigments : embellish to “perfection”.

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