Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer and Refining Mask

Who needs a vending machine filled with candy, when you can have a vending machine full of skincare!! 

I love that there are self serve kiosks at the airports filled with ProActive skincare.  I have been recommending ProActiv to my younger clients, or friends who battle with acne for quite some time now.  The ProActiv kit works wonderfully to treat severe acne, and heal outbreaks. 

The two products that I always tell everyone are must buys are the Green Tea Moisturizer and the Refining Mask.  I have personally gone through tubes of both.  Tubes!  I know that a product is good when I go through it and can’t imagine not having it in my cabinet. 

I keep the Green Tea and the Mask with me for travel, since my skin tends to be fickle when I fly or bounce around from different cities.

The Green Tea Moisturizer  it is light, refreshing, and incredibly hydrating.   I don’t have to worry about it exasperating my already stressed out skin, or causing unnecessary breakouts.  It works well under makeup, and calms my skin when it becomes sensitive. 

The Refining Mask comes in handy when I travel and have unexpected breakouts, or need to detoxify my skin after hours on an airplane.  Ten minutes with this mask on my face leaves my pores tighter, and my face cleaner. The mask boasts 6% Sulfar, and also works wonders as a spot treatment!


  1. I need these! Do you know where I can find a kiosk in NYC? (There must be one, right??)

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