Hair I devour magazines, and love articles that provide advice from our industries best.  I found the following article after trying to help my friend find ways to plump up her limp locks.  Learn celebrity tips and tricks from Thom Priano of The GARREN New York Salon. (source: Rogain and Beautypress)

“I see hair loss in my salon every day,” says Priano. “When a woman first starts to notice hair loss, the experience is incredibly emotional. Hair is a woman’s crowning glory -- but unlike men, women don’t expect to lose their hair,” says Priano. “The first thing I tell the client is that she’s not alone. In fact, one in four women experience hereditary hair loss -- and by age 40, 40% of women show some degree of thinning hair,” he adds.

An expert in women’s styling and treating thinning hair, Priano offers the following advice to his female clients with thinning hair / hair loss:

About Thinning Hair

By the time most women notice thinning hair, they have already lost at least 50% of their hair. “It’s important to seek treatment as soon as you notice the first signs of hair loss, such as more hair on your brush, pillowcase, or in the bathroom drain.”

Caring for Thinning Hair

Choosing The Right Products:

• “For my clients with hair loss, I suggest Women’s ROGAINE®,” says Priano. It’s
the only brand FDA-approved to regrow hair in women.
• “If you have thinning hair, there are many hair care and styling products that really
help make hair appear thicker. Look for anything with a "V" that adds VOLUME
to the hair (shampoo, conditioner, gel, mousse, cream, or spray),” says Priano.

Choosing The Right Cut:

• “There are different ways to cut and style your hair to help it appear thicker,” says
• Layered cuts can add volume to your hair -- whether it’s curly, wavy or
straight. Stick with minimal layers, rather than heavy ones that can look flat.
• Consider cutting deep bangs to help mask thinning hair on the top of the head.
• Try a zig-zag part and a “messy” style.

Hair Color Helps:

• “Hair color can also play a big part in masking hair loss,” says Priano. “Darker
shades play up the contrast between hair and scalp, while lighter shades that are
closer to your skin tone can actually help camouflage thinning hair,” adds Priano,
who recommends highlights. “Coloring your mane also expands the hair shaft which
makes hair appear thicker,” says Priano.

*Celebrity stylist and grooming expert Thom Priano of The GARREN New York Salon has worked with the world’s top photographers, fashion companies and magazines to create the most stylish looks for male and female celebrities from the worlds of Hollywood, sports, music and fashion.

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