Caruso Professional Molecular Steam Rollers

200 When someone who never has a bad hair day gives you advice, you listen.  And that is just what I did with this next product.  A colleague of mine suggested I try out the Caruso Professional Molecular Steam Rollers, and since she always manages to look glamorous (it’s upsetting, really!), I went straight out and bought myself a set. 

I had seen the infomercials years ago, and never really paid attention to them, but now I wish I had picked up that phone years ago and ordered this.  It really does make a world of difference, and gives remarkably better results in comparison to the normal hot curlers.  The hair is smoother, softer, and holds a curl much, much longer.  And the best part is that it does not damage the hair at all. Curls are ridiculously bouncy, and southern belle approved.

Here is what makes these rollers different:

Create shine and volume.  New ionic technology.  Anti-static.  Anti-frizz.
Ion Technology™ for creating soft, voluminous curls and shine and reducing static and frizz.

  • Curls last for days
  • Non damaging
  • Creates 3X the steam
  • Steam conditions as it curls
  • Quick & easy:  Set in 5-10 minutes, or to achieve the 30 second curl™,
  • Simply blow dry hair to evaporate moisture
  • Can be used on foreign currents
  • Uses negative ions to produce up to three times the amount of steam
  • Infused with the maximum number of ions to create strong, long-lasting and luxurious curls. 
  • Helps condition, soften and make hair shinier while adding volume and reducing frizz.


  1. Soft foam rollers are infused with gentle Ion™ steamed moisture.
  2. Hair is then wrapped on the infused roller and covered with a shield.
  3. Patented roller and shield design creates even moisture penetration and allows airflow for quick evaporation, or speed the process with a hair dryer.
  4. Gentle Ion™ moisture penetrates to the hair's molecular core allowing it to relax and bend.
  5. As moisture evaporates, hair is "set" in curled position.
  6. The Molecular Ion™ hold is so strong, it can only be released by shampooing.
  7.  Because there is not damaging heat, you can use the Caruso Professional Molecular Ion™ Steam Hairsetter as often as you like.

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