Orlane Anagenese 25+

Orly2 I have been devoted to my skin care routine since my early twenties.  Actually, I should say I have been obsessed with skin care products since my early twenties (no shocker there).  But, the one thing that always frustrated me was the lack of skincare dedicated to the 25-33 set.  Your too young for anti-aging, but too old for basic skincare.  I always ended up slathering on both, but most of the time the anti-aging products were way to harsh for my young skin.  Such dilemmas!

So, where oh where was Orlane Anagense +25 when I needed them!  This new product line is exactly what I had been looking for.  The Orlane Anagense +25 line provides:

  • Based on the science of Cellular Growth Factor
  • Anagenese 25+ is a source of continued radiance and youthfulness.
  • This exceptional care product combats the appearance of signs of aging.
  • Its two pro-cellular growth factors use crinopexy—which traps, protects, and transports these growth factors to their site of action increasing their effectiveness
  • Activates the production of collagen, encourage cell renewal, and revive the skin's radiance.
  • Cream moisturizes, smoothes, and actively protects the skin.
  • The skin's youthfulness is prolonged. Fine lines are softened.
  • The complexion regains its radiance.
  • An anti-free radical care with Vitamins A and E, bio-marine complex, trace elements, and minerals

Makeup Artist Tip: Even though I am no longer *cough, cough* in my twenties, I am in love with the serum and eye gels.  They give you the most radiant glow, and re-vitalize your skin to make you look fresh faced and gorgeous.  I mix my serum with my foundation on the days when I need alittle instant pick me up and glow.  It really does the trick.

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