Kat Von Dee High Voltage Eye Primer in Smokey

44712-hi-s1251032-main José Rivera, Principal Artist for Sephora’s PRO Beauty Team recently shot a great how-to video showing us how to create an easy smokey eye look.  He utilized Kat Von Dee makeup, and her new dark High Voltage eye primer in Smokey

Anytime I use Kat Von Dee makeup I instantly feel like a hip rock and roll rebel and want to experiment with all her daring colors.  Her makeup collection brings out my inner Joan Jett, and I love the creativity of it. 

Her newest product offers a new take on the basic eye primer, and makes it dark and inky.  This creates the perfect base for any dark eyeshadow, and helps to simplify the smokey eye look.  And you know how much I adore anything that makes my routine easier.  

Jose Rivera states that:  “An eye primer is essential in creating the smoky eye because of all the layering and blending you need to do with dark, rich pigment shadows,this primer not only helps shadows stay put, but the darker color blends seamlessly and enhances the smoky effect.”

Here are the details:

  • This silky primer helps shadows adhere like a magnet
  • Its deeper gunmetal color blends better with the darker shadows and helps to intensify the pigments.
  • This unique coloration helps prevent any white spots on the eye.
  • Its smooth formulation also ensures it glides easily over the delicate eye area without tugging or clumping.

Watch José create the look on the video below and follow his tips:

José’s smoky eye tips:

  • Blend High Voltage Eye Primer in Smoky on the lid and under the eye
  • Dust the brush with shadow, invert it at an angle and press it into the lashline
  • Press and feather out color as you move the brush upwards and outwards using smooth strokes
  • Smudge the shadow under the eye along the lashline
  • Finish the eye look with a strong lash by curling and applying several coats of rich black mascara

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