The Magic of Velcro Rollers

Last week I was in a last minute  beauty predicament.  After a full day of work (which left me frazzled and not looking my best!) I had a half and hour to get gussied up for a fancy dinner.  My hair had been up in a ponytail all day, and was less than glorious.  So, out of desperation, I dove into my hair kit and pulled out my Velcro rollers.  Needless to say it must have been a pretty hilarious sight to see me in my car with a head full of rollers while I applied my makeup in the vanity mirror.  But it worked! I was able to go from ponytail blah to smooth and sleek in 10 min.  Brilliant!

I have always used Velcro rollers on my clients, and adored the ease of use.  They provide smooth, voluminous. and shiny results in no time. They give fine hair bounce, and frizzy hair sleekness. My favorite way to use them is to put them in the hair before I apply my clients makeup.  After the makeup is applied, I remove the rollers and the hair is ready to go! Here are some easy tips:

Boost Volume

  • Use Velcro rollers on dry hair. Mist hair with volumizing spray or before you roll each piece.
  • Separate hair into sections and roll each section straight up until they rest securely against your head.
  • Pin or secure with a clip if they start falling
  • Allow hair to set for 10-20 min, or blow dry for 5 min and allow to cool
  • Unroll the Velcro roller exactly as you rolled it. If you pull straight down your hair could get tangled in the roller
  •  Use a wide tooth comb to separate curls.

Control Frizz

  • Blow dry hair thoroughly and apply an anti-frizz cream or styling cream.
  • Separate hair into sections and roll Velcro rollers to scalp.
  • Spray the ends of each section with a good shine spray or anti-frizz spray
  • Blow dry for about 5 minutes
  • Leave rollers in for about 20 minutes and then carefully unroll in the same direction you rolled each curler.
  • Use a fine tooth comb to keep frizz down
  • Separate the sections with the comb and apply more styling cream or a texturizing cream to the ends for more definition, or spritz with a finishing spray.
  • *for added smoothness iron hair with a flat iron in sections going from the base of the skull to your forehead.

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