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Cellejar I have a confession to make.  I literally tore apart a skincare sample packet to scrape out and use every last ounce of the product.  Yes, I cherished it that much.  I was so impressed with the immediate suppleness, firmness, and instantaneous radiance it provided that I contacted the company to let them know they had a new fan.  The product smooths onto the skin without leaving a heavy residue, and kept my overactive skin calm and comforted.  Soothing botox in a bottle...yes please!

Friends, I proudly introduce you to Celle!  This is a superb product that although expensive, is worth every penny and has the science to back it.  I can tell you right now that this has a permanent place in my beauty cabinet, and will be re-ordered repeatedly.       

Now, here is another first… I was so delighted with my new skincare discovery that I contacted the company Biotivia and begged them to help me share this fantastic product with my readers.  I believed in Celle so much that I want to pass on its glory to you! 

Biotivia generously offered a discount to The Makeup Blogger readers, and I enthusiastically share this magic cream with you.  Read below about this miracle jar of skincare goodness, and pass on this voucher to anyone craving flawless skin.  Enjoy!!

Celle is the advanced anti-aging skin treatment which marries medical science with ancient herbal wisdom.   Celle is a potent anti-aging skin care therapy that is specifically designed to combat the signs of aging at a cellular and molecular level. Developed by Biotivia, a world leading manufacturer of resveratrol based supplements, Celle combines Edelweiss plant progenitor cells, super fruit hexapeptides, collagen boosters, antioxidants and resveratrol.

These ingredients work in synergy to make an all-natural skin care product that activates anti-aging genes, repairs existing damage and stimulates the production of new muscle and skin.

In 2010 Celle won ‘Europe's Most Innovative Nutraceutical Product’ at the European Outsourcing Awards held in Paris. The awards recognize the current state of the pharmaceutical outsourcing industry. It uniquely selects those outstanding companies and honors them for their recent successes, providing peer recognition on a grand scale.

 The ingredients and their benefits include:

Scientific Resveratrol. Modern research shows that this natural molecule can help your DNA to restore itself at a cellular level. So with Celle you don’t just mask the effects of aging … you can actually turn back the clock. No other treatment contains as much of the resveratrol ‘miracle molecule’ as Celle does.

Natural Edelweiss. Active Edelweiss Progenitor Cells have been used by herbalists for centuries. But now the delicate Edelweiss is an endangered plant so scientists have cloned its special cells and integrated them into Celle. It’s the only anti-aging skin care treatment to contain resveratrol, Edelweiss stem cells, advanced polyphenols and hexapeptides.

Advanced Hexapeptides.  Known as Botox in a Jar, these extremely potent compounds safely and painlessly relax muscles to eliminate wrinkles and deep lines … but without the adverse side effects of Botox.

Pearl Extract. As used by Asian royalty in the world’s most prized skin care treatments for over 1,000 years.  Pearl extract is rich in amino acids, proteins, and antioxidants.

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