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glamcorlightingkit The one thing I have learned as an artist in the beauty industry is that when you hear product buzz, you pay attention.  And the buzz surrounding Glamcor has been deafening.

This modern new product line is just what makeup artists have been begging for.  From a portable LED lighting kit to makeup bag trolly system, Glamcor has answered the call for functional, professional, and innovative artist accessories.

I was able to speak with co-founder and VP of buisiness development Shana King and find out more about the brand and it’s products.

  • Shana and her partner Eric Kaiser wanted to create a line that projected affordable luxury for working makeup artists.  Their goal was to dissect what was happening to artists in the workplace and finely tune their products to meet the diverse needs of packing and working on set, HD lighting, and travel.
  • All products can be purchased separately or as a system.
  • The products are constantly devolping solely based on artists needs, and the industry's demands and ever changing formats.

Some of the most popular items (and products that this professional uses herself!) are the following:

Index LED color balance lighting kit: 

This is my favorite invention so far!  Not only does it take away the frustration of finding the perfect light for makeup application, but it also makes creating a HD perfect look easy.  You are guarenteed that your makeup will look good against the harsh lights of HD camera, without having to worry about application problems due to poor lighting. At under 5 pounds, this is a must for your kit!

This is the ultimate in lightweight and portable specifically designed for makeup applications. The LED lamps do not require a "cool down" period. Once you are finished you can pack it and go!

The Classic Light Kit includes the following:

  • Fully flexible luminary
  • GLAMCOR Color-balanced LED lights specifically designed for makeup without creating color distortion
  • Lightweight telescoping and adjustable stand
  • Power cord 
  • Carry bag

To check out more of this amazing new line, watch Koren Zander (EnKoreMakeup) as he guides you through the product line and has Shana King demonstrate some of the products.  Enjoy!



  1. I really like my Glamcor lights, but i find that when i am in a poorly lighted area it is not always enough. Last year I did a 4am wedding in the summer and there was no sunshine when we started and we were in a dimly lit living room getting everyone ready, my lights just weren’t enough and I was casting a shadow in front of my subject which made it even more difficult to work. But for doing youtube videos they’re great. Have you seen the Diva Ring Light or tried it yet?

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