T3 Professional Hair Dryer

A little known fact about me;  I have ridiculously unruly hair.  I have horse hair....or enough hair for five horses.  I know that thick hair sounds glorious, but I assure you it's not all the Victoria Secret splendor it's cracked up to be.  I have had stylists sweat in frustration while trying to quickly blow dry my hair.  I gave up attempting to dry my own hair a long time ago, because I don't have the time (or the patience) to spend 45 min blasting my head with heat.  The end result looks like I stuck my finger in a ligh socket...the sight of which Mike (le boyfriend) finds hilarious. 

To avoid such blow dryer disasters, I have mastered the art of pulling my wet hair into a bun (which doesn't resemble anything close to a Victoria Secret model).  So, I think it was part intervention/part act of the hair gods that I was introduced to the T3 Featherweight Luxe Professional hair dryer.  It cuts my dryer time in half. Half the time I tell you!  And my hair doesn’t resemble the bride of Frankenstein after I am done. Brilliant!! (are the exclamation points too much?).

I use the blow dryer with the AntiGravity brush to help me tame the wild beast who is my hair, and the results are smooth, and manageable.  For professional use, these products are perfect for a sleek, celebrity worthy look (and I have it on good authority that Mariah Carey’s hairstylist uses T3 on her enviable locks).

Here is what makes T3 impressive:

70% faster drying time

8 different settings Allows for total precision and versatility when styling

SoftTouch Diffuser Volumizes, defines curls and eliminates frizz for permed, curly or fine hair

Tourmaline SoftAire™ Blows a large stream of concentrated ionic and infrared heat for super-speed drying

Professional finish Faster styling means no over-drying which leaves smooth, shiny, healthy results

Tourmaline Referred to as the electric stone for its ability to emit ions and infrared heat

T3 Patented process We patented a method to infuse the highest quality Tourmaline in the dryer’s components

Super Lightweight Only 13.5 oz., lighter than picking up a glass of water

Professional cord 9 foot with hang-loop and cord-wrap for ease of use

Cool shot Locks your style in place with a burst of cooled air Concentrator Infused with Tourmaline allows you to precisely direct the air for a professional finish

Tourmaline SoftAire™ filter Should be cleaned regularly to keep the dryer operating at top level

2-year warranty


  1. I really like my T3, unfortunately I am on my 2nd one and the first one I bought started to make a weird noise and began smoking and then eventually just died and would not turn on. Luckily I bought it from Sephora and they exchanged it for me no problem.

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