9 Weird Beauty Inventions

I was introduced to this article today, and had to share it.  I often come across some very interesting (dare I say perplexing!) beauty inventions, but these take the cake. 

This article comes from the SpaBeautySchools website, which has loads of interesting beauty articles for your enjoyment.  Here's to beauty inventions new and odd!

Some beauty innovations are cutting edge and well worth their money for the convenience or glamorous look they provide. Here are nine beauty inventions that are just plain odd.

Play-Doh perfume:

Yes, in honor of Play-Doh’s 50th anniversary, the nostalgic scent of the modeling clay was bottled and sold as a cologne. It appears to be still available on fragrance company Demeter’s website, and hey, at least it won’t get rock solid if you leave the lid off.

Toast and Jam Bodywash Set:

So hungry that you can barely make it through your morning shower? Yeah, this will make that even worse. It may look tempting, but don’t lick the soap in this very unique and sweet-looking Toast and Jam Bodywash Set. Because really, who wouldn’t love a toast-shaped sponge and a soapy jam to start their day?!

The Kush:

It’s called “sleep support for your breasts.” This device, which is inserted between your breasts as you snooze, is created for a few reasons: to try to decrease the appearance of wrinkles in your cleavage and to help relieve back pain for people who sleep on their side or who have had breast implants. It’s gotten attention on shows ranging from “Ellen” to “The Doctors.”

Ninja Toothbrush Sanitizer:

Who better to trust to sanitize your toothbrush than a ninja? According to company claims, this nifty little ninja-themed gadget will karate-chop bacteria thanks to a VIOlight germicidal UV bulb. A blinking bulb on the ninja’s belly tells you it’s working; when the blinking stops, his work is done. Hay-yah!

-Lori Johnson

*For more interesting and weird beauty inventions, check out the rest of the article here!

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