Accessorize Your Eyes—Choosing Color Contacts for Spring

Spring means lighter, brighter days, and the promise of summer right round the corner. We might feel the need to shake this up a bit, make a change, try new looks. And why not? Designers and cosmetic lines come out with fresh spring palettes every year for eyes, lips and cheeks. You can add to the fun by accessorizing further with colored contacts.


Colored contacts aren’t new but if you haven’t checked them out in awhile, you’ll be amazed by the range of colors. Two of the most popular lines of disposable color contacts, Acuvue 2 Colours and Freshlook Colorblends have nineteen different shades between them—nineteen!

There are multiple shades of blue, green and hazel, as well as more interesting violet and gray tints. If you want a daring and dramatic look, try an intense color brand like Clearly Colors from Coastal Contacts.

What’s Hot Right Now

Gray! Lady Gaga in her “Bad Romance” video (even though her eyes were computer enhanced and she wasn’t actually wearing contacts), set off a storm of knockoff lenses in gray. Called Circle Lenses because they’re wider than normal lenses to make your eyes look bigger, these oversize contacts are available from a Korean company called Geo but are NOT available in the U.S. Geo Circle Lenses haven’t been approved by the FDA and cannot be properly fitted by your eye doctor. Some alternative gray lenses you can buy stateside are Freshlook Colorblends in Sterling Gray, and Acuvue 2 Colours in Pearl Gray.

Favorite Colors for Dark Eyes

Turning brown eyes blue has to be the most popular color change sought after by people with dark eyes. Celebs like Paris Hilton made this look famous with pretty baby blue contacts. There are lots of blues that work for dark eyes, but the key point to remember is that the lens must be opaque. Opaque contacts use solid color pigment in the lens to cover up the natural eye color. A few brands of opaque colored lenses are: Freshlook Colorblends, Freshlook Colors, Acuvue 2 Colours Opaques, and Clearly Colors.

Enhancing Light Eyes

If you have light eyes, you can pump up the intensity of your natural color with translucent enhancer lenses. Enhancer lenses use semi-transparent pigment that allows some of the eye’s natural color to show through. Blue eyes become bluer, green eyes greener. Or, if you’ve got blue eyes and want to go green, enhancer lenses will work for you too. Some brands of enhancer lenses are: Freshlook Dimensions, Acuvue 2 Colours Enhancers and Focus Softcolors.

Matching Eye Color and Eye Makeup Looks

Should you match your eye color with the same color eye shadow, liner, or mascara? The choice is totally up to you and the look you’re going for. It’s the same as asking if you should match your eye shadow to your outfit. In some cases, yes. In others, no. The best rule of thumb is go with the mood you’re trying to create with your overall look and how you feel about it, as opposed to if you should “match” or not.

Do You Need A Prescription?

In a word, yes! In the U.S., all contact lenses require a prescription from an eye doctor (it’s the law), even if you just want them for fun and style and not for vision correction. Lenses without vision correction are called Plano. Some people call these non-prescription lenses, but that’s really a misnomer. All lenses require a prescription, even if you don’t need contacts to see properly.

Leanne Tremblay writes about colored contacts over at Color Me Contacts, a web site with tips, trends and fun ideas for accessorizing your eyes. Whether you’re looking for opaque contacts for dark eyes, crazy Halloween lenses, or that perfect Twilight look, Color Me Contacts has something to inspire you.

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