Summer Beach Beauty Saviors

Sun. Beach. Vacation. Those are the quintessential words of Summer. But what about those after effects: Sweaty. Smelly. Sticky.

Fear not, beach bums.  Here is some brainy beauty booty that will keep you from sweating the small things this Summer.


 Small, chic and totally portable, MBeze Deodorettes ($10) will keep you cool and smelling fresh all Summer long. Forget lugging around big, embarrassing deodorants, these small sweat stoppers (which come in 8 different scents) resemble cosmetics so you can freshen up in style without anyone knowing it.


Embarrassed by stinky shoes all Summer long? Slip in on Silver Linings ($16 for a three pack) for help fighting smelly foot odors. Silver Linings are extremely thin shoe inserts that are infused with Agion Antimicrobial, a silver-based technology that prevents odor causing bacterial and fungal growth.

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