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Last weekend I strolled around IMATS with one of my favorite people, and frequent contributer Miss. Catherine Addis.  And, lucky for me she recounted our adventures for

Here are my top picks from IMATS, and Catherine's great post about it....Enjoy!

By Catherine Addis

This weekend, I had the pleasure of convening with the industry’s top artists for LA’s International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS) at the Pasadena Convention Center. IMATS brings together thousands of makeup artists, vendors, and enthusiasts to discuss, display and collect the very best our industry has to offer. Makeup pros from fashion and film (including Oscar, BAFTA, Emmy and Saturn award winners) provided education and demonstrations of the newest and most innovating products on the market. With more attendees than I care to count, it was a pleasure to walk the show with a dear friend, celebrity makeup artist Christina Farrell of the The Makeup Blogger

With over 15 years of artistry experience, Christina is an industry expert working in fashion, film, television and print. Her makeup has been seen everywhere from movie premiere red carpets to Academy Award show ceremonies, and include advertising giants like Gucci, Jenny Craig, and everyone in between. Among others, Christina works with Carrie Fisher, Julie Christie, Valerie Bertinelli, Jason Alexander, Debi Mazar, and Emmitt Smith. Her most recent projects include an on-air guest spot for TLC's What Not To Wear and the reoccurring on-air role of makeup expert for E! Entertainments morning show That Morning Show. Needless to say, I was with the right gal!

On top of it all, Christina Ferrell is a full-time makeup blogger. She maintains an unparalleled blog loaded with reviews, tips, tricks, and personal stories (which is always an entertaining read). So, I asked Miss Christina to share with YOU, the Celebrity Loop reader, her top three picks from this weekend’s IMATS. I’ve got say, I agree with the lady. She picked a good top three and - judging by the amount of money she convinced me to spend at the show - this blogger knows her stuff. So, without further adieu, here are three makeup-must-have’s from this year’s IMATS.

The Pro Pack from ZPallettes

Perfect for the professional or consumer makeup drawer, these amazing magnetic palettes take the headache out of organizing your cosmetics collection. De-pot your favorite MAC, Nars, and Bobbi Brown shadows and keep them all together in one handy palette. Have a bunch of blush or bronzer compacts taking up space in your makeup drawer? Pull the metal pot out of its plastic compact, and customize your own pro palette. Zpalettes are stackable and easy to maneuver...and we think your significant other will appreciate the freed up space in your bathroom.

Mehron Celebre PRO HD crème foundation

This is the new favorite in the industry! As summer gains speed and temperatures rise, we tend to wear less and less makeup. Mehron’s Celebre is how you maintain a flawless face with a fraction of the product. In fact, you get an incredible amount of coverage from a very small amount of this cream foundation. And, best of all, the product stays in place - even under the harshest of lights. The crème is light, smooth, and is guaranteed to make you look like a star!

Krylon Highlighter Palette

I am a BIG time fan of Kryolan’s palettes. I worked with this company for my first fashion week, and have been a believer ever since. I use Kryolan powders on myself every day and on nearly every client, so I am right there with Christina on this one. The highlighter palette is a perfect for brides, or the everyday woman wanting a little glow. Hey, it’s hot out there. We know we’re all going to get a little shine at some point in the day, so we might as well control where exactly where glisten.

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