Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finish Powder


As the top contributor to my site, the magnanimous Kevin James Bennett is my personal mentor to all things beauty product related.  They don't call him "Blenderella" for nothing! He takes the best products in the industry and blends them all together in his trademark stryle.  His InMyKit website is #1 resource for makeup students, and artists alike to find the best products for HD and your makeup kit.  This man searches for the best makeup in the industry and takes no prisioners.  I have always listened to his advice, and he has never steered me wrong. 

Here is his review of a product that I personally have in my own professional kit.  Not only do I think the owner Robyn is an amazing resource to the industry, but she genuinly is a great lady. Her products are the best kept secret in the industry, and for good reason...they work!  Her beloved Diamond Powder is in the top kits, and Kevin's review couldn't describe it better (so why try to mess with his perfect review!).  Enjoy! 


Purely Cosmetics
Diamond Perfect Finish
 *A patented diamond complex creates a flawless finish by bending and refracting light to reducing the visibility of  imperfections. The photoluminescence of nearly a full carat of diamonds in each jar illuminates a blue glow (or aura) which is imperceivable to the human eye. This "aura" does not give off a shimmery or shiny finish, more of a subtle under-lit glow (very attractive), decreases the appearance of wrinkles (very, very attractive) and will not settle into fine lines or pores (very unattractive). Diamond Perfect Finish will not strobe (reflect back photo flash as white-ish skintone) and works perfectly for high definition media,

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