Best of Beauty 2011


As a farewell to this year, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite products from all catagories.  Miserablly hard to do!  I realised that I have loads of favorites, and tend to use everything depending on my mood (or time limits!).  Yet, here are my staples. 

With all my love, and encouragement I hope 2012 brings you laughter, confidence, love, and the ability to let your inner beauty shine.  Beauty products are fun, and help to enhance how we feel, but never let anything mask the glow that radiates from within you.  Everyone around you is beautiful in their own way.  Happy New Year!! 


  • Lipstick: Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. All of Bobbi Brown lipstick formulations are incredible. Their colors are neutral, and classic. Pale Pink, Rasin, and Raspberry Shimmer are three of my favorites.
  • Lipgloss: CoverFX MintTint FX:  Oh my.  Luscious, yummy, and oodles of soft colors.
  • Lip Pencils: Smashbox The Nude Lip Pencils:
  • Lip Balm: Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Cream. This is also amazing on cuticles, dry patches, and even as a lash moisturizer.  This is a staple in every makeup artist’s kit. I can’t do without this!
  • Cheek Stain: Vincent Longo Pearlessence Lip and Cheek Stain: This stain gives an amazing (and insanely long lasting) flush to the cheeks. Sexy and Sultry perfection! 
  • Powder Blush: Cargo Powder Blush: Highly pigmented, large pans, and bright sexy colors.  Laguna, The Big Easy, and Tonga are three favs….but honestly, they are all perfect.
  • Luminizer: Makeup Forever Uplight Lotions: light, soft focus and comes in three different formulations from subtle to “look at me” shimmer. I use this on the top of cheekbones, browbones, and the cupids bow right above the lip. Also amazing for highlighting the décolletage.
  • Eyeshadow: INGLOT Freedom Palettes: You make your own personalized eyeshadow palettes, and mix matte, shimmer, and satin eye shadows in every color your heart desires. The pigment and staying power is fantastic. The colors are stunning and rich.  I have made a “Natural”, “Smokey Eye” and “Bronzed” personalized eyeshadow kits for my personal arsenal. 
  • Mascara: CoverGirl Lash Blast: My favorite mascara. The color is rich, and thickens up your lashes to fake proportions. And it’s a drugstore bargain!
  • Eye Liner: Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner: I have the entire line of these liners for my professional kit.  The longevity is superb, and the pencils glide onto the skin (no tugging!).  The colors are bright, and make an impact. BRONZE is the eyeliner I use on everyone. It enhances every type of eyecolor, and is an easy, sexy color to smoke out a simple neutral eye palette.
  • Shadow Primer: Smashbox HD: Has a fabulous peach tint to it, with a subtle illumination. Brightens up the eyes and can be used as nude eyeshadow as well.
  • Brows: Damone Roberts Pink-A-Boo Kit in Ginger: This kit is all-in-one perfection. My favorite part is the Pink a Boo highlighter, and Ginger Pencil. From Hollywood’s Brow King, this kit has everything.
  • Foundation: Face Atelier Ultra Foundation: I have been using this for years both professionally (where I use the Pro formulation) and personally.  This silicone based foundation gives the look of silky, glowy skin.  The lasting power also makes it stand out above the rest.  This is skin flawlessness in a bottle.  And, their color adjusters are a god send for anyone who is perpetually in between foundation colors! 
  • Bronzers/Luminizer: Gleam by Melanie Mills: This was my favorite find of 2011!  A stunning collection of bronzers/luminizers for the face and body.  These products were originally created to make the Dancing With The Stars celebrities look their golden goddess best.  Rose Gold is stunning on the cheekbones and lids as a highlighter, and Light Gold is the perfect cellulite masker.  Make legs look a mile long.  Also fantastic is her range of colors meets the needs of darker skintones, adding a deep, radiant gold to it’s darkest color.
  • Primers: Laura Geller Illuminating Spackle: Don’t be fooled by the name. This is a soft focus filter, moisturizing, and glow enhancing potion.  So soft on the skin, and doubles as a light tinted moisturizer, perfectly evening out the skintone.

    Concealers:  Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer:  An oldie but a goodie! This has been one of my tried and true concealers for years. And the best part is that they just reformulated their formula, and it is better than ever.  The colors have a soft peachy undertone, which is perfect for banishing dark circles, and it STAYS PUT. What more could you ask for?

  • Brushes:  Royal and Langnickel: My mentor Kevin James Bennett turned me onto this awesome brand. Soft, luxurious, and will last you forever. The professionals go to brand for the best brushes in the buiz. 
  • Best Applicator: The Beauty Blender: The new makeup artist obsession. Gives a flawless, airbrushed look to the skin, no matter what brand of makeup you are using.  Once you use it, you will be hooked.  Remember; roll it onto the skin for the best application. 
  • Best Finishing Spray:  Skindinavia: Long loved by models and celebrities alike, this spray helps to keep your makeup in place under the harshest of conditions.  I prefer the Moisturizing formula for its hydration. 
  • Makeup Organization: Z Palette:  Sturdy, compact, and can instantly organize your makeup drawer (or kit) in an instant.  I love them for my purse and travel.


  • Body Wash: Patyka Absolis - Precious Woods Body Wash: This is Parisian elegance in a bottle.  The smell is musky, sexy, and leaves your body soft and highly moisturized.
  • Lotions: Palmers Cocoa Butter: Not only is this a fantastic bargain, but it moisturizes the body like the richest of body butters. The best part is that it sinks into the skin quickly, without leaving a greasy residue. And the smell is a rich cocoa butter, which leaves a lasting and subtle scent on the skin.
  • Body Oil; Budda Nose: Moisturizing Body Oil: Organic, luscious, and sink immediately into the skin. Perfect for dry skin, and hydration after shaving. 
  • Exfoliants: Your Best Face (YBF) Creamy Microdermabrasion: This cream packs a wallop when it cleansing the skin, and brightening the face.  Most exfoliants are too rough on my skin, but this is gentle yet effective.
  • Facial Cleansers: DHC Deep Cleansing Oil: This takes off even the toughest of makeup, and waterproof mascara.  It is super hydrating, and leaves the skin clean without stripping the skins natural oils. 
  • Toners: Mario Badesco: They have an amazing selection of toners. I am especially fond of the Glycolic and Cucumber Toners.  
  • Moisturizers: Embryolisse: This is gold in a bottle. Perfect for all skin types (even acne prone), this cream helps with scars, uneven skin tone, and dry patches.  It instantly sinks into the skin, and is perfect for under makeup.
  • Eye Cream:  Crème de La Mer The Eye Balm: Nothing is better for making the eyes firmer, and more radiant.  This eye cream version of the cult moisturizer contains the magic broth, and makes even the most tired of eyes look awake.
  • Masks: GlamGlo Mud Mask:  I discovered this magic mask a few months ago from a fellow makeup artist who swore this changed her skin.  Little did I know it would also change mine.  This is addicting.  I wear it once a week while I am blogging on the computer, and am always confident that it will give me a stunning glow. 
  • Natural & Organic Skincare – Do you use any natural or organic skincare products:
    1. I am obsessed with Lash Food. It is the perfect everyday mascara and liner, and I have noticed a significant difference in my lashes. I also adore that it is safe for cancer patients.
    2. Another line that is close to my heart is Lindi Skincare for cancer patients. This line is phenomenal for those suffering through cancer treatments, or just for those of us who suffer from severely sensitive skin.
    3. My personal love is the cult Rodin Olio Lusso Face Oil.  It is a prized possession (due to its super expensive price tag!).  But nothing heals, calms, or hydrates my skin better when it is acting up.
  • Sunscreen: Anything by Le Roche de Possey.  Their sunscreens are the best on the market.  The La Roche Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid is my favorite for the summer. 
  • Self-Tanners: St. Tropez Bronzing Moose: Nothing compares. This is the ONLY self tanner that doesn’t turn my fair skin into a sad version of an Oompa Loompa.  It gives a natural, brown, golden glow.  I always get compliments when I use this.  The application mitt also makes it goof proof for bronzing newbies. 
  • Bronzers:  Gleam by Melanie Mills:  Newly obsessed with this line of liquid bronzers for the face and body.  Covers flaws, evens out the skintone and lights up the skin with a natural, luminous glow.  No wonder the stars love it! 
  • Liquid Luminizers for your skin: Prtty Peaushion: Created by a fellow makeup artist for the needs of celebrities.  This cream is packed with skin loving and firming ingredients.  This makes the skin look airbrushed, and gives the illusion of mile long legs.  Anytime my legs or arms are on display, you can guarantee I have this on.


I have very thick, unruly, Scottish/Italian hair. It’s huge. Massive…..and red.

  • Shampoos: Kerastase Olio Relax:  Nothing tames my hair better, or imparts the shine that I get with Kerastase. Even on the days when my hair is unruly and dry, this instantly transforms my locks into shiny silk.
  • Conditioners: For everyday use, I count on Moroccan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask Tip:  To maximize the time you leave in the conditioner, put the conditioner on before you shave your legs.  This multitasking trick will give you the full 5 min you need for the conditioner to do it’s magic. 
  • What styling tools could you not live without?  The hottest flat iron I can find.  I have yet to find one that I am truly in love with.  At the moment I am using CHI. 
  • Styling Products and TreatmentsNumber4 Thermal Styling Spray and Fluoro5 Elixer:  When heat styling my hair, these are MUSTS.  These get my hair super straight and shiny, and cut the styling time in half.  I keep two sets…one for my kit, and one for myself.
    1. John Frieda Touchup Hair Flyaway Tamer:  This is my life saver on photo shoots, or for red carpet events. It knocks out flyaways without weighing down the hair.  Perfect for updos, or basic ponytails. 
    2. Lenor Greyl Huile de Palme: Once a month this pre shampoo oil is a necessity.  During the summer I also use this before I hit the pool to protect my hair from chlorine damage. During the winter months, this is ideal to use before hitting the slopes to keep the snow from ravaging your hair.  Tip: For an overnight treatment, apply the oil than tie your hair back in a braid.  Your hair will look glorious the next morning when your shower.

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