Men’s Grooming Products


I recently found out that I have a male following on my blog. This got me thinking; as beauty editors we seem to forget that in the age of metrosexuals, baby boomers, and botox, men are starting to struggle with skincare and beauty issues too. In the land of appearance, and "youthfulness is king", how could we forget that men too battle with acne, wrinkles, and aging.

Yet, their skincare, and grooming needs are vastly different than womans. On average, male skin is 70% thicker and 55% more oily than a woman's skin, so they need active ingredients that can break through their top layer.  This means they need products that are stronger, and made especially with their skintype in mind.  With new website like Grooming Lounge and MMUK Man men can find products that suit their needs and skintype.  Grooming Lounge has fantastic articles for men on how to find your exact skincare type,as well as articles relating to specific skin care needs (perfect shave anyone?).  If your man is feeling adventurous, MMUK Man has an assortment of concealers, foundations, and bronzers all made specifically for men. 

So, why not introduce your hubby, boyfriend, or yourself (hi aaron!) to a vast variety of male centric products.  You'll thank me.



  1. Men and women may have very different skin types, and each may need special attention. Thanks for posting.

  2. In modern age, looking good seems a big factor in establishing our careers. Thanks for posting.

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