Glowing Skin- Pro Tips – MAKE UP FOR EVER


  1. Apply HD ELIXIR all over the face to create a good base
  2. Apply FACE & BODY FOUNDATION using BRUSH 55N.
  3. Use LIFT CONCEALER #3 using the BRUSH 9N and 20N to highlight and conceal areas of the face
  4. Using dark shades of HD FOUNDATION and UPLIGHT, contour the face
  5. Apply UPLIGHT on the temples and the cheek bones and a little dab on the tip of the nose
  6. Then, using MAT BRONZE and the SCULPTING BRUSH contour your face again to create more structure
  7. Apply AQUA EYES 10L on the top and bottom lash line to fill the space between the lashes
  8. Dab AQUA CREAM #15 in the outer corner and blend into the crease
  9. Now, apply UPLIGHT #22 and STAR POWDER 926 on the lid
  10. Using the BRUSH OS, apply AQUA BLACK as close as possible to the lash line to intensify lashes
  11. Put a natural coat of SMOKY LASH Mascara on your lashes and make sure to separate them.
  12. Fill in any gaps and holes in your eyebrows with the WATERPROOF EYEBROW CORRECTOR to unify them.
  13. Finish by applying AQUA LIP 1C and LAB SHINE Gloss 16D for a natural and shiny effect

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